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A World Of Song

Yoram Chaiter
- Bass

Here is a unique collection of songs that are very dear to Yoram Chaiter,
the internationally acclaimed bass singer who is usually in the classical repertoire.

“Born in the 1960s, and growing up during the 1970-90s, many musical styles influenced me. As the singers of the past that performed popular music of their times (Neapolitan songs, songs from movies), so is this traversal of crossover into the music of the fifties to nineties. These are eternal songs that influenced millions of us at all ages and became mainstays in our light music world. It is the music that we grew up with at Tiberias, at shores of lake Kinneret (sea of Galilee) and near Jordan river in Israel.

Bach - The Art of Fugue
Besame Mucho

Tiberias celebrates these days its 2000th anniversary. It is a city going back in history to the Roman empire (hence the name Tiberias, after Tiberius the emperor), rich in history of the Jewish people and culture, one of the Holy cities of Israel, a land where Christ walked. This is the history of the city where this recording was conceived and recorded. It is a gift to all the people who grew up during the challenging decades it encompasses, and a tribute to many song writers in different languages, and it is from my heart to you all, in hopes for peace, prosperity and most of all health.

It is said that we doctors are here to "amuse" the patient while mother nature takes its course in healing. Let's hope this recording will help in healing your hearts.

Yours with love,
Yoram Chaiter (Singer and Physician)

1. Besame Mucho
2. Delilah
3. Can't Help Falling In Love
4. Hallelujah
5. Dance Me To The End Of Love
6. Let It Be
7. Love Me Tender
8. My Way
9. Strangers In The Night
10. The Way You Look Today
11. Volare
12. Yesterday
13. Adon Olam
14. Ani Ashir Lach Shir
15. Hachnisini Tachat Knafech
16. Hallelujah La Olam
17. Ze Kore