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Claude Debussy

Estampes, Images,
1st and 2nd Series,
The 12 Etudes
and Hommage à Haydn

Craig Sheppard, piano

In anticipation of the 15th anniversary of its founding in 2014, Roméo Records is proud and happy to announce the release of the 99th and 100th CD's in our catalog.
And what better recording could there be to commemorate this milestone then a new recording by one of Romeo's most prestigious astists, Creig Sheppard.
Coming soon after his critical success with Debussy's Preludes, Sheppard performes on these two specially priced CDs the same composer's Estampes, Images,
1st and 2nd Series,
The 12 Etudes and Hommage à Haydn

Claude Debussy - Craig Sheppard, piano
Images, 2ème série - Poissons d'or
2 CD Set Available at: Amazon
Craig Sheppard's first Debussy release for Roméo Records 7297, garnered extremely positive reviews:

"This is, without question, the playing of a true master pianist... exceptional musicianship."

- International record Review (UK).

Sheppard's performances of the Debussy Preludes was accorded the distinguished IRR Outstanding designation by IRR in their June 2013 issue.

"These are certainly evocative, well-tought-out interpretations, and a fine addition to Sheppard's recorded legacy on disc." - Fanfare, September-October, 2013

"this recording... is quite special. He is truly a great pianist."
- American Record Guide, September-October 2013

"the colossal technique Sheppard exhibits..." - Audiophile Audition

Sheppard derives from a different approach to Bebussy playing and his tonal allure sits more in today's mainstream." - J.Woolf, Music Web International

"I enjoyed Craig Sheppard's performances enormously. The very high standard of playing and the evident thoughtfulness of the interpretations are exactly what we've come to expect from this fine pianist."
- John Quinn, Music Web International