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The Phoenix

Music by
Yehezkel Braun (b. 1922)
Rotem Luz
(b. 1959)

Lior Eitan
, flute and piccolo
Uzi Shalev, bassoon
Rotem Luz, piano

2 CD Set

"The Phoenix"
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Yehezkel Braun, one of Israel's foremost composers, was born on 1922 in Breslau, Germany and came with his parents to Palestine, then under British mandate, in 1924. The present album, designed and created by his daughter, Rotem Luz, and her close friends, flautist L Eitan and bassoonist U Shalev, is brilliant retrospective illustration of his great contribution to Israeli music, starting with his earliest works in the 1950s up to his most recent compositions written while in his late eighties.

Rotem Luz, Yehezkel Braun's daughter was born in Israel in 1959. She is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University where she recieved her Master of Music degree Summa Cum Laude in 1996. Currently she has been completing her PhD. at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her research topic is the sonata from in the 20th century. Her compositions include 1991 Piano sonata, Scene from the Red Sea for Flute and Piano. Cana'anite Boats for two Flutes, Pastorale for Violin, Cello and Piano and Cantata 2011 for Piccolo and Piano. Since 2007 she has been teaching music at the arts, literature and music department for Safed College.