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Von ewiger Liebe
(Of Eternal Love)

Ayelet Amots-Avramson

Jonathan Zak

Brahms: Lieder; Zigeuner Lieder
Mahler: 5 Ruckert Songs
Berg: 7 Early Songs

Roméo Records is proud to present the debut album of the talented young Israeli Mezzo, Ayelet Amots-Avramson.
She's partnered on this superb, stimulating recital by the formidable Jonathan Zak, whose last recording for Romeo
Records was widely praised not only for the beautiful singing of Sharon Rostorf-Zamir but for Zak’s incomparable accompaniments
(Roméo Records 7260 - Schumann Lieder)

Von ewiger Liebe (Of Eternal Love) - Ayelet Amots-Avramson, mezzo-Soprano; Jonathan Zak, piano
Brahms: Von ewiger Auge
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Ayelet-Avramson: A beautiful voice, a wide range with a confident and pleasant sound in all its ranges, a sincere and moving expression, meticulous diction and exquisite technique. In short - a masterpiece of singing.
- Telavicity (Israel)

Jonathan Zak: in my headlong rush to praise Rostorf-Zamir; l certainly would be remiss if l did not give equal
measure to her accompanist, Jonathan Zak. His playing is alternately exultant, warm, and reflective as well.
As one of the founding members of the Yuval Trio, he has previously recorded chamber music for DGG, CBS—Sony, and others. His long service as a chamber musician is evident. He is far more than an accompanist,· he is an equal partner in this musical journey with Rostorf-Zamir.
- Fanfare