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Villa Paradisio
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Leo Nissim, piano

Leo Nissim was born in Nice, France, in 1956, of Greek parents from Salonica. He studied classics and received a first prize in piano and chamber music from the conservatory. A thirst for musical opportunities brought him to jazz, rock and African music over many years. He toured with numerous groups, then worked as a musician, arranger and composer with celebrated singers in the field of film music, publicity, TV and radio. He returned to piano and composition during a tour: the result is “Villa Paradisio”. The impressionistic climate remains Leon Nissem’s first influence, but he also flirts with Africa, the romantics, the Celts and pop music, the essential for him being melodies, reflections of the Creator that animate those multiple poetic tableaux, conceived as marvelous voyages.

To each music corresponds a poem-mirror, inspired by these intimate landscapes. Nissem writes, “My wife was inspired by the music to write the poem (in fact, short stories). Of course, she knows me more than anyone else, and all that she wrote ‘talks’ to me very deeply, and to me, her words and the music really stick together.
1. Villa Paradisio
2. Par les fenêtres du conservatoire
(By the windows of the conservatory)
3. Matins d’été au Cap Ferrat
(Summer mornings at Cape Ferrat)
4. M. Louis
5. Brèves humeurs du ciel sur la terre
(Brief moods of the sky on earth)
6. La plage de Long Island
(The beach of Long Island)
7. Exil
8. Nostalgie d’un autre temps
(Nostalgia of another time)
9. La grande ville
(The big city)
10. Un souffle du passé
(A breath of the past)
11. Quand vient l’amour
(When love arrives)
12. Escale à Locronan
(Port of Call at Locronan)
13. Bamako
14. Les petits chemins
(The little paths)
15. Rachel et ses enfants
(Rachel and her children)