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Roméo Records 7258/9
Prelude in A Major, BWV864
Fugue in A Major, BWV864
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Book I

Craig Sheppard, piano

Craig Sheppard’s previous Bach releases on Roméo Records:
Partitas (Romeo Records 7248/9) and Inventions/Sinfonias (Romeo Records 7255) received widespread critical acclaim:

“There are too many delightful details to savor. Sheppard’s Partitas leave a fresh imprint upon each rehearing, and they deserve serious consideration…” -
(Rating: 10/8)

“Sheppard’s Bach, like his Beethoven, is revelatory…a lyrial impulse that borders on the ecstatic. Sheppard’s partitas belong in every serious collection for what they reveal to us about Bach and the music.”
- Fanfare

“…his shining courage and conviction, however provocative, command your attention at virtually every point.” “…infinite variety is conveyed by Craig Sheppard in performances brimming with zest and affection.” -

“Bach playing of notable artistry.” - (Romeo Records 7248/9) International Record Review
“Bach playing of no mean stature. I was engrossed by just about everything Sheppard does.”;
“…extraordinarily compelling playing.”
- International Record Review