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Under a Pale Moon
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Inner Voices & Friends

Don’t leave your books
To the birds
Love is a melody
A woman needs a man
A soul in distress
We have a choice
Devil’s street
Deep are the woods
The organ grinder (after Schubert”
The salt of words unspoken
The bird
No more poems
Under a pale moon
To the birds #2
For free

This eclectic collection of original songs was recorded in Germany by a group of outstanding musicians. Female and male vocalists are accompanied by various instruments including grand piano, keyboard, winds, brass, saxes, harp, guitars, drums, mandolin, dombro, violin, viola and upright bass. Under A Pale Moon is a unique song cycle, and the musical genres employed include jazz, folk, pop and, crossover classical. The entire cycle is based on a story about a family sitting together around a fire on a cold winter’s evening, a pale moon dimly shining through a nearby window. The father begins the story telling, followed in turn by each of the family members gathered there. The cycle culminates with all the participants singing the uplifting title song, an anthem celebrating the family gathering.
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