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Dvroak - Trio, 1st Mvt.
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The Yuval Trio

Jonathan Zak, piano;
Uri Pianka, violin;
Simca Heled, cello

CLARA SCHUMANN (1819 – 1896):
Trio in G minor, Op. 17;

MAX BRUCH (1838 – 1920):
Trio in C minor, Op. 5;

ANTONIN DVORAK (1838 – 1920):
Trio No. 2 in G minor, Op. 26

The legendary Yuval Trio is heard on this new Roméo Records release in three Piano Trios that were performed before live audiences in three different cities. This is the first U.S. release of any of these performances. While performances and recordings of these works are not exactly rare (there are a number of recordings of the Dvorak, but very few of the Clara Schumann and Bruch Trios), the performances heard on this Roméo Records CD are virtually without peer. The Yuval plays with a commitment; a passion and a level of virtuosity that is a rarity in chamber music performances in these times of mechanically wrought playing.